Spotify's 2022 Wrapped isn't over! Now there's a Snapchat lens that displays your 2022 Wrapped report on your Snapchat account, as Screen Rant has summarized. Are you ready to show all your Snapchat friends what you listened to on Spotify in 2022?

Well then let's get started! First, we'll cover how to see your 2022 Wrapped results to begin with. Then, we'll dive into sharing those results on Snapchat. Finally, we'll end with all that Spotify 2022 Wrapped entails.

How to See Your Spotify 2022 Wrapped

If you're using an internet browser, you can check out Spotify Wrapped here, but the full experience is only available through the app. So if you don't already have it, the site will give you a link to download or launch the app. The app needs to be updated in order for it to work, so make sure it's up to date through your phone's App Store.

From there, when you open Spotify and go to your home page, you'll see a bright, colorful box that says, "Your 2022 Wrapped is ready." Click that, and the campaign will start. It automatically transitions through each slide, but you can tap the left side of the screen to go back or the right side to go forward. You can also search for your Wrapped stats.

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How to Share Spotify Wrapped on Snapchat

After you've generated your Spotify Wrapped, you can share the results on Snapchat. When going through your Wrapped presentation, swipe through the stories until you get to the "My Listening Personality" card onscreen. (It's likely the second-to-last Spotify Wrapped card in the series.) This is what you'll use to put your Wrapped on Snapchat.

When the actual result for "My Listening Personality" pops up, hit the "Share this story" button that will appear down toward the bottom of the page. It is here, among the many available Wrapped share options, that you can choose the "Lens" option with the Snapchat logo. (It will only be available if Snapchat is installed on the device as Spotify.)

From there, confirm the share action to launch Snapchat, and a pop-up should appear asking for permission to show the results from Spotify. Once you've done that, your listening personality results should automatically appear onscreen, along with the accompanying title and graphic that symbolizes the result. Share it with your friends!

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What All Does Spotify 2022 Wrapped Entail?

Wrapped will tell you how many genres you listened to throughout the year, and your Top 5 will be depicted as a map of the solar system, with each genre as a different planet. Next, your listening moods "from sunrise to sunset" will be displayed, and then your total play time will appear.

Now, onto songs. After total listening time, Wrapped will show which single song you played the most during the year, how many times you listened to it and which day you played it the most times. Then your total number of played songs will be shown, with your Top 5 being revealed after. Then you'll receive a link to a playlist Spotify curated of your Top 100 songs, which you can add to your library and check out later.

Then we move onto artists. Wrapped will tell you how many artists you checked out in 2022, and then name which of them you listened to the most, with more stats underneath including how many minutes you spent playing their music and what percentage of their Spotify listeners you fall in.

Onto psychology! Wrapped performed a bit of psychoanalysis on listeners by observing their listening habits to generate a personality profile, which is one of the new features. It doesn't show what all of the other options are, so your result will be unique to you.

And there you have it — your Spotify Wrapped is waiting for you. Oh, and if you were a big podcast listener in 2022, you'll get some results for that throughout the slideshow too, but we decided to keep this explainer about the music results.

You can also check out Instafest here, which generates a festival lineup based on your Spotify stats, and compare all of your results to your Spotify Pie Chart, which was created by a third-party company earlier this year. And if Apple Music is your mode of listening, they just launched their redesigned "Replay" feature for 2022. Enjoy!

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