Falling in Reverse lead vocalist Ronnie Radke and Attila bandleader Chris "Fronz" Fronzak have reignited their years-long feud with each other, according to ThePRP, after Radke reportedly referred to Fronzak as a "fucking poseur" while onstage with his band during the recent ShipRocked Cruise.

The insult was captured on video by concertgoers, and Fronz subsequently reposted the clip. Falling in Reverse were headliners aboard ShipRocked 2023, which sailed between Florida and the Caribbean from Jan. 22–28. Attila played the ShipRocked pre-party in Cocoa, Florida, on Jan. 21.

Watch Radke call out Fronz in the video below.

'Fuck you, Fronz! You fucking poseur!' –Ronnie Radke

"So this grown man is still buggered about something I said in a song 10 years ago," Fronz commented on the reposted clip, which he shared on TikTok with his commentary.

"And the best part is he couldn't even say it to my face!" Fronz added. "I was asleep when they were onstage."

In a comment reply, Radke's official TikTok account wrote, "Why didn't you say something when I was in front of you? LOL…" Fronz then posted a response video, saying, "Because I don't even know what the fuck you said. I just woke up the next morning, and someone came up to me and said, 'Ronnie Radke called you out onstage' or something. … I said, 'I wasn't even fuckin' there. I was asleep.'"

Replying to that, Radke posted his own video, where he began, "Bro, the very next day at the casino, you walked in and you looked like a giant bird — you had a giant white coat on with feathers." The Falling in Reverse singer went on to claim that he stared Fronz down after they discussed the onstage diss, suggesting he implicitly threatened him, and said that casino video footage would prove it.

Fronz then duetted that video with a clip of him wearing the coat in question and defending the fashion choice. "There's no camera footage," Fronz said of Radke's casino claim.

Another point of contention between the two is lyrics, as indicated above. Fronz suggested that the Falling in Reverse line, "Oh no, they'll never let go / Of something you said 10 years ago" (from 2022's "Zombified"), refers to an old Attila stanza that begins, "Even Ronnie Radke talks shit on my Instagram / Give me your address so I can hit you with a mic stand," from 2012's "Callout."

See the rest of the recent Radke–Fronz feud videos down below.

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