Last week's Loud List video compilation was about rockers battling record labels, but this week, it's all about musicians retaliating against fans for throwing things at shows.

Over the last few years, there was an uptick in incidents where musicians had things thrown at them onstage. It's certainly not a new phenomenon, though, as you'll see video clips from decades ago in this week's compilation.

The Loud List contains footage of Marilyn Manson calling a man in the crowd a "fucking bitch" for throwing a bottle at him. He invited the individual onstage, but you'll have to watch to see what came of the situation.

Metallica's James Hetfield had a glass bottle thrown at his guitar, Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose had to stop the show and enlist an interpreter to help him convey his frustration to the Argentinian crowd, Aaron Lewis threatened to tell the crowd to "beat the fucking shit" out of whoever threw something next.

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Sure, it's entertaining to watch from a screen. But it's certainly aggravating to the innocent fans when a show has to be stopped because someone was acting out of line. Not only is it annoying, but people can actually get hurt. Throwing glass at a stage, or any object for that matter, is incredibly dangerous.

Watch the full Loud List below to see what happens when you throw something at certain rock stars, and be sure to tell your friends not to be that person the next time they go to a concert.

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