As Pride Month is now under way, it's worth noting that the new Falling in Reverse video for "All My Life" (ft. Jelly Roll) includes LGBTQ influencers Blair White and Gabbi Tuft among the many cameos.

In the past, Falling in Reverse singer Ronnie Radke hasn't always endeared himself to the LGBTQ community, receiving at TikTok ban after making gender identity comments in 2023 and also ranting about gender pronouns and "trigger words" during a separate commentary later in the year.

But it appears as though Radke has made a concerted effort to include members of the LGBTQ community in his latest video casting.

See who appears in the visual presentation for the new song below.

Who Is Blair White?

blaire white in falling in reverse's 'All my life' video
YouTube: Epitaph Records

Blair White first got involved with becoming a social media personality while still a college student. During an appearance on a friend's livestream, commenters started suggesting that she start her own YouTube channel. White officially came out as transgender at the age of 20 and documented her own gender transition.

She's used her platform to speak out on transgender issues, while also sharing more traditionally conservative political views and previously aligning support with former President Donald Trump.

In the video itself, White portrays the sheriff, who loses in a card game to Radke, thus freeing Jelly Roll, who was locked up behind bars. She later meets Radke in the middle of the town for a showdown, with their guns being drawn only to find each participant in this duel emitting a rainbow out of their bodies that produces a unicorn, which is replaced by Radke's face in the middle.

"I'M CRYING!! I'm featured throughout the new @FIROfficial x @JellyRoll615
video 'All My Life'," says White. "Thank you @RonnieRadke for including me in such a sick project and making me feel like a superstar."

Who Is Gabbi Tuft?

Gabbi Tuft in Falling in Reverse's 'All My Life' video
Epitaph Records

Gabbi Tuft is also among the cameos you'll find in the new video. The retired professional wrestler previously won the Florida Heavyweight Championship Wrestling (FCW) title and is the WWE's first transgender star.

She came out as a trans woman to her wife in 2020, then publicly in 2021. Since retiring, she's launched a fitness website and has become a prominent personality on TikTok.

In the video, Tuft makes a brief appearance as a scantily clad entertainer caught up in the midst of a bar fight. Putting her former wrestling skills to use, she manages to pick up and drop an offender invading her space. More specifically, she throws him through a table.

"Return of my Burning Hammer," noted Tuft of her appearance in the new video.

It should also be noted that actor Adam Chisnall, who appears as the bearded lady spying on Ronnie Radke in the early parts of the video, has among his credits a short called Gaytopia.

Who Else Is in the Video?

In addition to White and Tuft, Jelly Roll's wife Bunny XO portrays the sheriff's deputy. Ronnie Radke's longtime girlfriend, pro wrestler Saraya is the bartender in the video.

The video also features wrestler Zac Zodiac as one of the cowboys in the clip. And you've got Epitaph Records owner and Bad Relihion guitarist Brett Gurewitz appearing as one of the bad guys in the video.

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