As Bring Me the Horizon fans continue to dig in to POST HUMAN: NeX GEn, a hidden piece to the group's alternate reality game campaign has since been discovered.

As shared through the Bring Me the Horizon subreddit, one listener noticed something seemed a little odd with the noise at the end of the song "Dig It," and decided to open the track in audio editing software only to discover that a spectrogram was embedded in the song. The listener was then able to capture a QR code inside that leads to a hidden website.

What Does the Site Lead To?

Upon pulling up the site, users are initially asked to input a serial number. Per TechCrunch, that serial number is 93934521, as found on the cover art on the head of a character named M8.

Reddit users have speculated that as you dig further into the site, there will be previously unreleased tracks that fans can find. Some have suggested they may be instrumental demos.

There has also been mention of folders within the site protected by a cipher, additional passwords that have yet to be uncovered and a wealth of easter eggs. You can go down the rabbit hole as the Reddit thread attempts to dissect what all has been found by users along the way.

Bring Me Hackers?

As fans attempt to go deeper and uncover all there is to find, TechCrunch noted that the site itself experienced a "hack" attempt on the first day of operation. Developers briefly took down the site, posting a warning to fans not to actually hack the site.

“It appears user/s have been illicitly hacking into the M8 server to decode hidden secrets,” read the message from M8. “It’s my duty to inform you that this behaviour is both naughty and counterproductive! You see, the whole idea of this program is to unravel the mysteries at a tantalizing pace, allowing everyone to enjoy the thrill of discovery. By bypassing the system and sharing the secrets prematurely, you’re spoiling the fun for everyone!”

Bring Me the Horizon In Our Reality

As fans continue to see how far the rabbit hole goes, in this reality Bring Me the Horizon still have a new album to promote. The group will kick off a summer tour June 8 in Gdansk, Poland with shows booked through July 26 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

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They also have dates at Summer Sonic in Japan in August and a late November performance in Brazil. All dates and ticketing information can be found at their website.

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