Members of six deathcore bands have formed a new supergroup dubbed The Big Six and they've revealed their lineup in tandem with the announcement that their debut EP will be released next year.

Supergroups, of course, are nothing new, but the concept has taken on a more significant meaning in recent years. Collaborations have intensified in the rock and metal world and the pandemic also left countless musicians with unexpected downtime to start working on some long-promised musical ideas with some of their peers.

The Big Six, however, radicalizes the traditional sense of a supergroup, which often finds musician of differing genres and playing styles linking together to see what they can create. What we have here is a powerhouse who's who of vocalists thriving in the deathcore (and deathcore-adjacent) realms, each bringing their own sense of devastating vocal brutality to the highly-anticipated recordings, which we imagine will sound about as closer to slaughterhouse field recordings as we'll ever get in extreme metal.

The members include:

Will Ramos (Lorna Shore)
Chris Fronzak (Attila)
Joe Badolato (Fit For an Autopsy)
Taylor Barber (Left to Suffer)
Dickie Allen (Infant Annihilator)
Tyler Shelton (Traitors)

The group recorded at Sweetwater Studios in Fort Wayne, Indiana and Jozy Franco, an employee of the music retailer, helped put everything in motion.

He explains, "It’s been an incredible experience the last couple days with these awesome dudes. This idea started back in July with @tylertraitors reaching out with an idea that could be the Super Bowl of heavy vocalists and fast forward to today and here we are! Huge shout-out to @aaronisred for writing the nastiest tracks ever for these guys, @dave.dunsire for putting together some crazy and hilarious content and @shawndealey and @jasonpeets for capturing all of the audio. #titansofmetal

"What an unbelievably good time with the boys. These last few days have been absolutely insane between the Christmas show and this monumental meetup," begins Ramos in an Instagram post, "I knew this was going to be good, but i didn’t fully grasp how much fun this was going to end up being. I love these guys, and you should too. Go follow @thebig6official for more crazy shit and don’t forget to listen to @traitorsband @attila_ga @fitforanautopsy @lefttosuffer @scumfuck_fl if you know what’s GOOD for ya. All the love. Big thanks to @___jozy___ and the rest of the @sweetwatersound fam for making this happen."

"The past few days was the most fun experience I've had in a long time," says Fronzak, "I got to meet with 5 of my best friends and create a phenomenal EP. We laughed until we felt sick, partied, and created the most badass new project the world will ever see. Shoutout to @sweetwatersound & @___jozy___ for the hospitality and shoutout to @dave.dunsire for the amazing photos and content. WE ARE THE BIG SIX."

Need a vocal sampler to tide you over until new music is officially released? Watch this clip from the studio which was shared by Barber and Allen! We told you before it would sound like a slaughterhouse...

And for some added fun, here's a fun little recap of the sessions set to the theme song from hit '90s sitcom Full House.

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It seems like nothing but good vibes as Barber shares, "This group of men are some of my favorite people on this planet and my best friends. Insane memories that only are going to lead to more with this group!"

"Can’t thank this team enough for an incredible and very quick past few days manifesting a dream of mine. With @sweetwatersound allowing me to manifest this idea, we are going to change the future of music by bringing your favorite artists into one room and create major collaborations that we have always dreamt of. It all starts with The Big Six. @___jozy___ you are truly a wonderful man for helping me pitch this monumental moment in time. I can’t thank you enough for everything," enthuses Traitors' Shelton.

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