Bring Me the Horizon just dropped their latest record Post Human: NeX GEn, and fans are sharing their reactions to the album online.

It's very rare these days that the there is an overwhelmingly positive sentiment about a piece of music. And thanks to social media and the fact that we now have instant access to everyone's thoughts at any given moment, reactions to albums are generally a mixed bag.

For Post Human: NeX GEn, though, the reactions are quite extreme, with many either claiming they absolutely love the record and others thinking it's weak.

The highly-anticipated record was released earlier today (May 24) after the band surprise-announced it yesterday (though physical copies aren't available until September).

It's their first full-length set since 2019's Amo, and it's the second installment in their four-part Post Human series, following the Post Human: Survival Horror EP that came out in 2020.

Some of the album's songs were released individually over the last few years — lead single "Die4U" came out in September of 2021 — so fans have been able to sit with some of the material for quite a while.

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But, Oli Sykes teased that the whole package has somewhat of a concept, so let's dig into what people are saying about it as a collection.

Positive Reactions to Post Human: NeX GEn

Many embraced the direction Bring Me the Horizon took on the latest release.

"[I don't know] you’ll be hard pressed to get me to hate on a band that tries so much different stuff & pushes themselves this hard to innovate & find new appeal ofc I think the BMTH album rules," one person wrote.

Another acknowledged that the album's sound may be divisive for fans, but appreciated it regardless.

Negative Reactions

"Mark my words: It will come out that AI wrote this entire new BMTH album," one post reads. "It is lyrically a cesspool. Musically the most generic thing I’ve experienced. I haven’t had so much hatred for an album this decade until tonight."

Someone else noted that the enjoy the song "N/A," but they don't think any of the others are that great.

Neutral Reactions

And, last but not least, there are people who don't love or hate it.

One fan, in particular, argued that the album "started off strong," but then became an "overproduced mess" that's unnecessarily long.

Another critiqued Sykes' lyrics, suggesting that the subject matter he writes about is redundant.

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