Bring Me the Horizon have officially announced the details for their long-awaited Post Human: NeX GEn album, revealing it will be out at midnight Friday (May 24).

Fans are delighted by the surprise news that the new record will be out in less than 24 hours. The band shared a teaser clip with symphonic music and vicious snarling vocals before its cut off by an eerie piano strike. After some dramatics, a digital voice says, "Let's begin."

Bring Me the Horizon started teasing the release on their social media on April 10 after wiping all of their Instagram posts except for one video. The clip features a robotic figure saying, "You cling to your virtual identity as if it were your very soul. Pathetic."

"It's time for a new era. Initializing Nex Gen." the voice said at the end of the video.

Post Human: NeX GEn is the second of four expected releases under the Post Human name, following Post Human: Survival Horror, which came out in October 2020. They initially planned to release all four of the projects in the span of a year, which evidently didn't happen.

Then, NeX GEn was expected to drop this past fall, but the band parted ways with keyboardist Jordan Fish in December, which may have contributed further to its delay. In January, they released the song "Kool-Aid," which was their first track since Fish's departure.

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The Idea Behind the Post Human Albums 

In April of 2021, Sykes told Minneapolis rock radio station 93X that the idea was for each of the four releases represent a different musical style.

"And there's gonna be a record for everyone," he said. "We've done so much shit over our career that we have our sound, but we can go anywhere with it."

Bring Me the Horizon, Post Human: NeX GEn Album Art

Bring Me the Horizon, 'Post Human: Nex GEn'
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