"I should have done it. Do it, ladies and gentlemen. Reach out."

Ahead of A Day to Remember's show in the Kansas City area on Sunday, June 9, frontman Jeremy McKinnon spoke with Loudwire Nights host Chuck Armstrong about one of his dream collaborations and why it will never happen.

The conversation aired exclusively on Thursday's edition of Loudwire Nights (June 13).

"I remember back in the day," McKinnon told Chuck, "Tom Petty would have been up there for me. There was a time where I was considering putting together a more, just like, singer-songwritery — my own stuff. I do that on the side anyway and some of it just would never work for A Day to Remember."

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McKinnon admitted that it would have been cool to reach out and see if Petty would have produced a song or two.

"Especially for the stuff that has never been released, there's a lot of stuff like that in there," McKinnon said about the connection of these songs to artists like Petty and Jason Isbell.

"That song ['F.Y.M.'] was my version of a modern Tom Petty song, in my head at least. We dressed it up like a pop song kind of, but if you go back and listen to it and think of Tom Petty, you can hear it."

Should Fans Expect a New Album From A Day to Remember?

Along with talking about McKinnon's deep passion for working and collaborating with other artists across a wide spectrum of genres, Chuck asked him if A Day to Remember's latest song, "Feedback," is pointing fans toward a new album.

"Nobody had any idea that we were doing anything because we don't talk about it," he said. "In the past, anytime we throw out a date, we rarely hit it and we upset some people, so we're trying to learn our lesson and make sure everything is absolutely done. And then all guns blazing."

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Eventually, McKinnon gave a bit stronger of an answer as to whether or not fans should get ready for a new A Day to Remember record.

"There will be a new album. Eventually."

What Else Did A Day to Remember's Jeremy McKinnon Discuss on Loudwire Nights?

  • Why "Feedback" isn't really representative of the other new music A Day to Remember have been working on: "It's very much whatever we're influenced by at the time, whatever feels just right musically or whatever we're into in the moment."
  • Who else he would love to work with one day: "Something crazy that's a bit more wild: Dave Grohl would be awesome. Obviously."
  • Why he loves artists like Hardy who bridge the gap between country and rock: "I think it's awesome...that's kind of been our thing the whole time, mixing these different genres that don't really make sense. I'm a fan of it."

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