Hi Idiots.

The Show (minus Steve) was in Portland, Maine this weekend for one of our final live shows of the season, and Maitlynn arrived with one goal: to try oysters. Apparently, oysters are one of the foods in Maine (seriously, google "what is Maine known for food" and you'll see).

Maitlynn's quest for oysters brought her and Kelly to several wonderful spots, but the one that supplied her with the object of her curiosity was a spot called Boone's, which was right on the water. As for why she wanted to try oysters so much, she gave a few reasons:

  • She really likes salt and vinegar flavors
  • Jim Gaffigan says they are "Loogies inside of shells you can make taste better"
  • "Foods that are soft and slurpable are kind of perfect"

Kelly acted as a guide, having the waiter surprise them both with types of oysters. She tried the oysters with horseradish and mignonette sauce, squirted some lemon juice on them, and paired it with some sparkling rose.



Her review?

I felt very cool, very classy, very New Englandy. I felt cool. Oysters are cool and really tasty...they're like a fancy treat that I'm really glad I like.

So yeah, you heard it first here folks. Oysters make you cool. We have one more live show this Live Show travel season in Green Bay, WI and while there most likely won't be any oysters, it will still be a great time. You can get tickets for that here.

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