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Earlier this week, Detroit revealed the final product of a long-discussed new "Hollywood" like sign that you would see upon entering the largest city in Michigan. With the NFL Draft coming to the city next week, the city has been preparing for the influx of people and attention on the city following the fantastic season the Lions had in 2023.


NFC Divisional Playoffs - Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Detroit Lions
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Part of these changes has been a facelift to various parts of the city, including this new sign that has, since its reveal, received pretty mixed reactions online. Many people are let down because of an AI-generated version that has been circling the internet, setting false expectations for the final reveal.



Naturally, the people of Detroit acted quickly to write an entire diss track about the sign. The minute-long song by Gmac Cash rips the appearance of the sign and is overall pretty funny. The funniest part about this is that even the mayor was fooled by the fake. Considering the show is based in Michigan, naturally, we had to give this track a listen.



This brings us to Kelly's whoopsie. Multiple times throughout the day, Free Beer had asked Kelly if she was positive the song didn't have any FCC-unfriendly content, to which she responded each time "I'm sure" with such confidence that it seemed almost insulting that he'd even ask, as you'll hear in this clip. Obviously, things didn't go as planned if we are discussing it.


We made it 6 seconds into the song. Listen to Kelly fall from grace.


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