It has been one of the biggest talked about stories across the country and has been something that many fans have been anticipating for years, the chance to consume alcoholic beverages while watching some of their favorite college institutions battle it out on various playing fields and/or courts. Governor Whitmer signed the right to sell alcohol at college sporting events into law in July, since then things have taken off.

Eastern Michigan was basically the trial school as they were the first to test things out in 2015 at select arenas before moving to all arenas in 2019. Then once the bill was signed Michigan State took almost no time to buy in, Western Michigan who allows alcohol in Waldo Stadium, and even Grand Valley got in on the party. Next up, the University of Michigan, will they have alcohol at Wolverine's sporting events?

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In June, University of Michigan Regent Jordan Acker said that it wasn't a question of if Alcohol would be sold inside of Michigan Stadium and others but instead when and how can this be done safely. So, Michigan is on board with the idea of selling alcohol at its sporting events but is keeping the liabilities in mind. They don't want anyone to be in danger at any time and are looking for ways to combat that.

They have put out a survey to those in the public asking what they believe the pros and cons are to allowing alcoholic beverages to be sold during college events. They have also stated that while it does limit the amount of binge-drinking that occurs before and after games and reduces fan ejections, there are still other concerns that remain.

They are looking into measures such as heightened security and a hotline number to call when someone isn't feeling well due to alcohol, while still maintaining the excitement and experience of attending a game in-person. The Regents understand that fans are going to Bowl Games and such, enjoying beverages, and having the time of their lives and want to bring that fun to Ann Arbor.

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