The first ever edible cookie dough store has opened in the Grand Rapids area. Now if only they would let you lick it out of the bowl, I would be all in.

One of the highlights of my mom making cookies was if you behaved, she would let you eat the remaining cookie dough out of the mixing bowl. So I get why eating cookie dough is a nostalgic thing.

Dough Life, an edible cookie dough shop has opened up at the Rivertown Crossings Mall. According to their web site, Dough Life offers 13 flavors of cookie dough including classic chocolate chip and a cinnamon and oatmeal version called 'The Old Fashioned'.

The down side? They come in a paper cup, not a giant mixing bowl. They say it's okay to lick the spoon, but what about the beaters from the mixer?

Speaking of 'Old Fashioned', prior to this store opening, I got my cookie dough, the old fashioned way.



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