Ice-T reacted to Body Count's 2021 'Best Metal Performance' Grammy win while at home with his family and gave a live speech through a video conference during the non-televised portion for 'Music's Biggest Night.' In the video post, which later surfaced on social media, Ice-T also recognized Riley Gale, the late Power Trip frontman whose band was nominated in the same category.

As this year's nominees flashed once more across the screen, the news came through that Body Count's Carnivore track "Bum-Rush" had been selected as this year's winner, to the shock and delight of frontman Ice-T as well as his wife, Coco, and daughter, Chanel, who were also present at the table inside the family's home.

"Oh shit! No, no, no! That's what's up. Oh my God."We always say, 'Grammys — whatever, whatever," but I'm nominated? Oh God, wow. We won," Ice-T managed to utter while in a state of disbelief before composing his thoughts in a more collected manner.

"Let's start off by saying shoutout to the members who aren't here: Beatmaster V, Mooseman, D-Roc [The Executioner] who started the band like 30 years ago," began Ice-T, who had Chanel seated in his lap during the acceptance speech, "and all the new members Vincent Price, Ill Will, Juan of the Dead, my son Little Ice, Sean E. Sean and the true member, Ernie C."

Shifting his attention toward the team around Body Count, Ice-T continued, "Then we got to give a shoutout to [producer] Will Putney that made our band sound like we never sounded before. Century Media for keeping us in the game all these years — we're still making albums. My manager George and the cats that keep the money straight on the road, my man Al P. and Mickey Bentson out on the road. We won!"

He then hoisted Chanel up, encouraging her to flash the devil horns hand gesture in front of the computer screen before signing off from the video conference while Coco continued to laugh and smile, proud that after a more than three-decade career in rap and metal that he had secured his very first Grammy win.

Watch the reaction video toward the bottom of the page, where Ice-T also gave special mention in the Twitter caption to Power Trip's Riley Gale, who died at the age of 34 last year. A live version of Power Trip's "Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)" was nominated for 'Best Metal Performance' and Gale had made a guest appearance on "Point the Finger" off Body Count's latest record as well.

See the complete list of 2021 rock and metal Grammy winners here.

Grammy Awards, 2021 'Best Metal Performance' Nominees

Body Count, "Bum-Rush" *
Code Orange, "Underneath"
In This Moment, "The In-Between"
Poppy, "Bloodmoney"
Power Trip, "Executioner's Tax (Swing of the Axe)" live
* winner

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