It may still be winter but there's never a bad time to indulge in ice cream, especially when it's free.

Since 2019 Hudsonville Ice Cream has been hooking people up with free ice cream on March 6, otherwise known as Free Pint Day; and this year is their biggest giveaway yet. Last year 10,000 pints were given away and they've upped it this year to 25,000!

The promotion begins sometime Saturday morning. Hudsonville hasn't revealed what time it will happen but they advise ice cream lovers to

Set an alarm, tie a string on your finger, refresh your social media feed—whatever you need to do to make sure you don’t miss this!

The details will be available on all of their social media pages - Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram - so make sure to give them a follow to stay in the loop.

To celebrate Free Pint Day, Hudsonville is also introducing two new ice cream flavors:

Caramel Coffee Chip which is part of their 'Extra Indulgent' line and sounds like something I need in my freezer ASAP.

The other new flavor is Dairy Free Toasted Coconut.

A spokesperson for Hudsonville Ice Cream said in a statement that releasing new flavors on Pint Day is just the "cherry on top of the celebration."

Through March 6 you can also get a BOGO deal on all of Hudsonville's pints. Hudsonville Ice Cream is available throughout the Midwest at Meijer, Kroger, and SpartanNash stores. You can also use the scoop locator to find the nearest place to buy your favorite ice cream.

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