My 10-month-old daughter, Charlotte, is always trying to grab my iPad and or iPhone. I downloaded a few baby apps for her to play with, but she was always closing the apps, clicking on ads, and doing things she shouldn't. That's when I found out how to baby proof your devices! It's super easy and anyone can do it in just a minute.

It's called 'Guided Access' and it can lock your iPad to a single app so you can't leave that app with tapping your home button 3 times and entering a password.  It's perfect for letting your little one play with your iPad without worry of them getting into stuff that they shouldn't.

Step 1

Tap on your 'Settings' icon and select 'General'.  Then tap on 'Accessibility'.

step 1

Step 2

Inside of 'Accessibility', scroll down and tap on 'Guided Access'.

step 2

Step 3

Toggle the 'Guided Access' setting to 'On'.

step 3

Step 4

Once toggle to the 'On' position, more options will appear.  Tap on 'Passcode Settings'.

step 4

Step 5

Tap on 'Set Guided Access Passcode'.

step 5

Step 6

Set your passcode.

step 6

Step 7

Open any app and tap your 'Home Button' 3 times to bring up your 'Accessibility Shortcuts'.  Tap on 'Guided Access' and your app is locked.

step 7

To exit the 'Guided Access' mode, tap your 'Home Button' 3 more times and tap on 'End' in the top left corner.

If you are looking for some cool baby apps, the two that my daughter really enjoys are Magic Fingers and Baby Piano.  Both apps have free versions and when you have the 'Guided Access' mode turned on, you don't have to worry about the ads or the in-app purchases.

And that's how you baby proof your iPad or iPhone! 

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