The state of society and the world often comes into play when an artist is writing is music, and that's definitely been the case for Three Days Grace with their upcoming seventh studio album Explosions. Drummer Neil Sanderson recently joined Loudwire Nights host Toni Gonzalez to explain how today's social climate inspired the record.

Last week, the band dropped the brand new single "So Called Life," and revealed that Explosions will arrive next spring.

"There is a common thread of theme going through it — the notion of just feeling like you have to self-center yourself in today's world, but then at the same time, you have to hear the opinions of everyone. I think that there's a lot of divisiveness in the world, and I think the notion of kind of agreeing to disagree on certain things has gone out the window a little bit," Sanderson said.

"I think it's like, feeling like you have no choice but to bottle everything inside and not express yourself the way that you really want to. The effect that that has on your mind and your body and your soul," he continued. "I think we've poured out a lot of emotion on this album in terms of some kind of real life circumstances that we, as a band, have gone through over the last several years. Loss, anxiety, just feelings of looking around and going, 'What kind of world is this that we're living in right now?' And I think a lot of people can feel like that."

The drummer added that the subject of the album doesn't necessarily revolve around the COVID-19 pandemic, but that all of the controversy that has come with it has exacerbated a lot of those anxious feelings for many people.

"It's about basically wanted to just put a chainsaw through the wall and explode and go and be yourself," he said laughing.

Explosions will arrive May 6, 2022. Pre-order it here now, and tune into Loudwire Nights tonight at 7PM ET to hear the rest of the interview.

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