Any of you guys ever do the dirty with a flight attendant? Probably not. Maybe some of you have. And if ya have, well big ups and mad props you to man! And if you are a guy, its probably only natural that you would like to have intercourse with a hot flight attendant.

And if you are a guy, and you would not like to have intercourse with a hot flight attendant, then you might want to take a look in the mirror, might be a little something wrong with ya! Here is a sure fire way NOT to get into the pants of a hot flight attendant. It happened last weekend on a flight from Iceland to Boston.

The AP posted the story, but here is my take on what happened. 30 year old Boston dude named Terry Johnson tossed back a couple of drinks on the plane, and then he unsuccessfully hit on the hot flight attendant chick. She wanted nothing to do with the guy, and I guess that pissed him off.

Because when she was pushing that little drink cart down the isle of the plane, (he was sitting up near the front of the plane) He reached over and stole $300 bucks out of her purse. When the hot flight attendant chick noticed the money was missing, she started asking the other flight attendants if they maybe took it. Which they did not, but then the ugly flight attendant said she saw this guy Terry digging around up near the front of the plane, and it might have been him.

So hot flight attendant confronts creepy drunk 30 year old Terry….at first he denies it. But the all of a sudden he stands up, and runs into the plane bathroom and locks the door and flushes the stolen money down the toilet of the plane. Just so happened that some of the money fell out of his pocket as he was running down the hallway, so the guy was pretty much caught red handed.

What a freakin douche! When the plane landed, cops were waiting for him at the gate and took him into custody. That my friends, is not only a douchey thing to do, its also, definitely NOT the way to get into into a hot flight attendants pants!

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