Last night, after a long night drinking with some people from work, I was driving home, wishing I had one of those self-driving cars from all the sci-fi movies. Wouldn't it be nice to sit back, read, watch TV, or sleep, while the car takes you home...all by itself?

Then today, I find this amazing article from Engadget on the road to self-driving cars, and how close they are to being real for us!

Unfortunately, they're not going to be on the streets as soon as I think we'd all like, but they're not as far away as you might imagine.

"We're currently at one end of the cube, and [the F 015] is at the other. Over the next couple of years, you'll see us and others taking steps from one corner to the other."

Ralf Herrtwich, director of driver assistance and chassis systems, Daimler (on the new Mercedez self-driving car (Read More at Engadget)

The new Mercedes F 015 Luxury In Motion (and grossly over-named) self-driving car is what Mercedes is planning for their version of self-driving. Audi has a slightly more "driver supervised" idea for their line of self-driving cars.

Will we have them this year? No. Next year? No. By 2020? Maybe, and I can't wait!