Since Kevin Spacey was fired from House of Cards last November, following multiple allegations of sexual misconduct, we’ve all been wondering how the final season will address his absence. The most obvious way is to kill off his Frank Underwood, which wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for a show full of twisted backstabbing and politicians who kill like it’s a sport. Now a new teaser has finally confirmed Frank’s fate: he dead!

The latest tease shows Robin Wright’s Claire Underwood speaking to what at first seems to be Frank. But wait, it’s not actually him. “I’ll tell you this Francis, when they bury me it won’t be in my backyard. And when they pay their respects, they’ll have to wait in line.” The camera pans over the gravestone of Frank’s father, then to a second one with Frank’s name etched across it.

The fifth season of House of Cards ended around the timeframe of March 2017, when Frank resigned and Claire finally stepped into the Oval Office. Based on the headstone, Frank must have died sometime after that. It’s unknown when exactly Season 6 will take place – will it still be 2017 or jump to 2018? The biggest mystery though is how Frank died, and if anyone killed him. A natural death seems a little too simple for a show this full of treachery and murder, and he certainly had many enemies.

The final eight episodes of House of Cards arrive on Netflix on November 2.

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