Guns N' Roses used to be considered one of the "most dangerous bands in the world," but that doesn't mean the members lacked a sense of humor. A hilarious interview the band did in Australia in 1993 has resurfaced online, and you'll see for yourself.

While on an Australian tour in support of the Use Your Illusion albums, Slash and Duff McKagan attended a press conference where they were interviewed by Norman Gunston — the satirical TV host portrayed by Australian actor Garry McDonald.

"Oh we heard about you," Slash can be heard saying at the beginning of the video clip as Gunston rises to ask them questions.

"Why do you wear bananas on your head?" Gunston initially questioned. "Sorry, uh — why do you wear bandanas on your head?"

Slash replied that neither of them wear bandanas, in which Gunston mentioned that they do onstage — or rather, "Hubcap" does, AKA Axl Rose.

"Oh, it's gonna be one of those things, right," Slash said smiling. "I just woke up man, I'm not ready for you."

Watch the musicians humorously struggle to make it through the rest of Gunston's questions below, and shout out to Tone Deaf for bringing the segment back into rotation.

Slash and McKagan have always made quite the entertaining pair, not only during interviews, but speeches as well. GN'R were given two awards for Favorite Heavy Metal Artist and Heavy Metal/Hard Rock Album at the American Music Awards in 1990, and the dynamic duo drunkenly made their way up to the podium to give an acceptance speech.

Needless to say, their "thank you" was full of cusses, "oopses" for cussing and then more cussing — but it's pretty funny to watch.

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