2019 has been one of the biggest years for experimentation in rock, especially with hip-hop and pop elements. Highly Suspect is bringing more of that to the table over the next few weeks with their upcoming album MCID. Frontman Johnny Stevens addresses the hip-hop tones on the album and how the public may react to it, stating that he doesn't want "fake fans."

Between Stevens rapping over the verses of their latest song "Tokyo Ghoul" and the rhythm of the previous release "16," MCID is evidently going to have a more modern, evolved sound. "Wait 'til next week when we drop 'Canals,'" Stevens tells Loudwire Nights of the notion that the band may be shying away from rock. "Wait 'til next week when we drop the best rock song you've ever heard in your entire life."

"Wait 'til you hear this album where we also have collaborations with Gojira, wait 'til you come to the live show and watch me put that guitar on and melt your ears," the frontman continues. "I've been rapping since before rock."

Stevens alludes to there being several hip-hop tracks on the album, and hopes that his fans aren't "stuck" on the fact that it isn't entirely rock. He adds that the rock present on the album is better than any rock the band has ever released, so if people aren't happy with it "then that's their problem."

"We strategically put out the hip-hop song to see who would stick with us. I don't want fake fans, I want people that understand artwork is artwork," he concludes.

The song "Canals" will come out next week on Oct. 24, and MCID is due for release Nov. 1. Pre-order the album here. To hear more about the upcoming album and how the creative process differs from their previous albums, listen to the full interview above.

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