The season has begun for hunting morel mushrooms in Michigan and if you would like to try finding some here a some tips that should help you out.

What Types of Morel Mushrooms Grow in Michigan?

There are 3 types of morel mushrooms found in Michigan. White or Yellow is the most common to find and they can be as small as one inch up to seven inches tall. It's a real treat when you find a big one.

There are also grey and black morel mushrooms. Black morels are usually the first to pop around late April to mid-May but that doesn't mean you won't find a yellow or a grey when in the woods. It is good to know your trees because you will often find morels under ash, aspen, cherry, and once in a while pine trees. You can also find them near fallen dead trees.

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Tips on Finding Michigan Morels

There are a lot of parks and state and federal land in Michigan so you don't have to own land to get out and find some morels. If you are a real go-getter you can start in the southern region of the state and slowly work your way up and the season changes but it is easier to start somewhere close to home.

If you are taking kids out into the woods to hunt morels for the first time it might be a good idea to have a photo with you of the three mushroom types so everyone knows what they are looking for.

Dead or dying elms can be huge producers of morels. Michigan is filled with apple orchards so make sure you have permission to look but these can be solid locations for finding morels. Ash trees are my favorite, as soon as I spot one my eyes begin searching everywhere on the ground. Usually, when you find one, take your time because there are probably more not far away.

There is a lot of logging that goes on in Michigan as well as woods that have burned down. These can be great places to find high numbers of morels. Near creeks and rivers where some decent sun can get in can be productive. Beech, maple, and oak forests with lots of spring wildflowers growing can be solid locations to locate morels. South and West facing slopes are usually the best places to start hunting morels.

A lot of people use empty bread bags, onion or orange sacks, and fill them with the morels they find. A good trick is to take a sharp pocket knife out with you and instead of pulling up the whole mushroom slice it about a half-inch above the soil. The root you leave behind will ensure future growth meaning you can come back next year and find more.

Hunting morels can be a fun family event not to mention you get some great exercise walking through the woods and lots of fresh air.  It's a great escape from everything else going on in the world and if you are successful, there are lots of great ways to cook them.

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