Tuesday, November 15th officially kicks off firearm season in Michigan and whether you're a seasoned hunter or going out for the first time, the Michigan DNR has some reminders for hunters.

The biggest one is you must wear Hunter Orange clothing and it has to be your outermost layer and visible from all sides.

You can buy a deer license through an Agent or get an E-license online. Click here for all the license agents in Kent County that you can purchase a deer license through.

Make sure you know the antler point restrictions AND baiting and feeding rules where you will be hunting.

Those who bring their deer to a DNR check station can get a deer cooperator patch. You can find check stations here.

Hunters are also encouraged to donate a deer, if possible. Maybe your freezer is already full but you want to keep on hunting, you can donate that deer to people in need of food. Deer can be donated through the Michigan Sportsmen Against Hunger.

Firearm deer season lasts November 15-30th.

WOOD-TV says that the DNR predicts about 525,000 people will be hunting this year, which will continue to contribute to Michigan's economy.

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