The Loneliest Place on Earth is located 25 miles from the nearest shore in the middle of Lake Superior where it takes a brutal pounding from waves 365 days a year.

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Have you ever heard of the Stannard Rock Lighthouse? This nearly 140-year-old structure in the middle of Lake Superior is 25 miles from the shore of Manitou Island and 44 miles from Marquette in Michigan's upper peninsula. That is the longest distance separating a lighthouse from shore on the continent.

The lighthouse, known as the loneliest place on earth, dates back to its completion in 1882. Through those 139 years, the structure has shone as a beacon for protecting ships from the hazardous reef upon which it stands. Now efforts are underway to preserve the lighthouse, which is on the National Register of Historic Places in Michigan.

In addition to its continued function as a lighthouse, Stannard Rock is a critical Great Lakes research facility for climatology, weather forecasting, wave monitoring, and the study of lake biology and water quality.

Stannard Rock needs help. To maintain the lighthouse’s value as an essential research center and historical monument, it requires a major restoration. The lighthouse is owned by the Superior Watershed Partnership (SWP) a Great Lakes non-profit organization.

Quite simply, there is no place on Earth like the historic Stannard Rock Lighthouse. The historic value alone is worth preserving but when you add in the scientific contributions made from research and weather forecasting, its value is priceless.

Click here for the Stannard Rock Lighthouse Restoration Project fundraiser. 

Click here to read more about restoration efforts and view a short documentary on Stannard Rock Lighthouse.

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