Thursday night, December 1st, Hellyeah hit the Kalamazoo State Theater with In Flames, From Ashes to New, and Source, for an amazing metal show. All four bands kicked ass, and the crowd was having a great time, singing along, moshing, crowd surfing...everything a good metal show should have!

After Source and From Ashes to New got everyone worked up and ready, Hellyeah hit the stage running, with a great set, including "X", "Demons in the Dirt", "Moth", "Human", "I Don't Care Anymore", and more!

Chad got the crowd cheering while talking about metal, and metal fans being inclusive, and how awesome it is that no matter how you are, when you hear a metal song, you're suddenly 15 again.

We were all 15, having a blast with these bands. Some cool GRD winners even got to go backstage and meet Hellyeah before the show, which was also pretty cool. Check out the live video for "Human" below, and enjoy!

Some GRD Winners Meeting Hellyeah
Some GRD Winners Meeting Hellyeah (photo Johnnie Walker)

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