If you've noticed that Lunchables have been hard to find, or completely missing from store shelves, it's not because of a sale. It's because the popular prepackaged lunch is actually experiencing a shortage right now.

According to a statement from Kraft Heinz to Today.com, "Compared to 2019, nearly 2 million more households bought Kraft Heinz brands in the second quarter of 2021. We are also seeing all-time high demand for many of our brands, including Lunchables".  The increased demand has led to shortages of Lunchables around the country.

Parents have taken to Lunchables social media pages with comments like: "What is going on with the lunchables I can’t find any in New York", "Please restock all stores that sell your product because nobody can find lunchables any more across the US!!", and "We need Lunchables back in our stores. My grandson will only eat Lunchables! Chicken Dunks. I hope they come back soon!"

If you were anything like I was as a kid, news of a Lunchable shortage is hitting pretty hard about now.  I was always a huge fan of the pizza lunchables and would take those for lunch pretty often while I was in school.

Kraft Heinz reassured its fans that they are ramping up production to meet the increased demands for Lunchables.  They had this to say in a statement: "We’re actively investing in our supply chains and have teams working fast and furiously so our retailers and consumers can get more of the Kraft Heinz products they love, wherever they like to shop,"

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