This weekend in Detroit I found a replica of the Blue Bridge in a very unlikely place.

It's the Grand Rapids icon we seem preoccupied with -- The Blue Bridge -- the pedestrian bridge over the Grand River that people post countless photos of online.

But while wondering around Detroit this weekend, I stumbled across something that looked a lot like the Blue Bridge.

I was at the Detroit Lions game at Ford Field against the dreaded Green Bay Packers. My brother was trying to locate the Slow's BarBQ stand, and we went walking all over the place looking for it.

And then we turned a corner and I told him to stop. He's asking why -- and I just point up and say look! That looks exactly like the Blue Bridge in Grand Rapids, and just said, "Yeah, I guess it does."

I took a photo of it, and then we went to our seats, he with some Mac and Cheese and me with Slow's famed "The Reason" sandwich. And we watched the Lions beat the Packers, which means I remain undefeated -- a perfect 4-0 -- in games I've gone to where the Lions played the Packers. Even Aaron Rodgers was impressed.

OK, not really.

But here you go, a photo of the Blue Bridge, Ford Field edition.

Jojo Girard/TSM
Jojo Girard/TSM

Okay, so it might be blue because that's the Lions team colors, and it may cross a food court and not the Grand River, but it is a pretty spot on replica, is it not?

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