UPDATE: Over the weekend, original Jane's Addiction bassist Eric Avery confirmed what many were speculating after a recent social media post showed him jamming with Perry Farrell. He has been writing again for Jane's Addiction after having previously exited the band twice. In a recent follow-up post, Avery revealed, "Today marks the end of our current sessions. Four promising new song ideas. Big thanks to you all for all the kind words of support. It leaves me feeling inspired. Honestly. It produces the best kind of pressure, your passion leaves me determined to do all I can for Jane’s Addiction." he then tagged Farrell, guitarist Dave Navarro and drummer Stephen Perkins in the post.

The excitement level for Jane's Addiction's fall tour just jumped to a new level. That's because the Jane's Addiction's social media just posted a brief video of former bassist Eric Avery jamming with singer Perry Farrell.

Those who've followed Jane's Addiction's history know of Avery's on-and-off relationship with the group, who first exited the band's celebrated original lineup in 1991, then returned for the band's 2008 reunion only to exit again in 2010. Chris Chaney handled bass duties for Jane's Addiction during the most recent period where Avery was not in the band. Avery has also played with Garbage, Alanis Morissette, Smashing Pumpkins and Nine Inch Nails at various points in his career while also leading his solo project Polar Bear.

In the new video seen below, Avery appears to now have a fairly clean shaven head as he jams away on the bass and Farrell is seen singing with a lyric sheet in his hand. However, what they are playing and performing is not heard, with feedback overlying what is actually being performed.

As you can see, the video was posted with no explanation earlier today (Aug. 17), leaving Twitter buzzing as to what it all means. "Somebody please put this into context so I can properly calibrate my excitement level," stated one commenter. A second offered, "WOOW!!! @ericavery shaved his head… ERIC IS PLAYING WITH @perryfarrell !!!! First new Pornos music announced, now this. What a time to be alive." While a third added, "This warms my heart."

Further complicating matters is that Farrell has reactivated Porno for Pyros this year as well, with the band initially filling in for Jane's Addiction at festivals while guitarist Dave Navarro recovers from long haul COVID. That recently led to another revelation of Farrell working with guitarist Peter DiStefano on new music, presumable for the band's first album since 1996. Avery has not had a prior association with Porno for Pyros, but it is known they've been working on music of late with Farrell involved.

That said, back in July, Perry Farrell revealed that new Jane's Addiction music was on the way, which would tend to make more sense.

As you might expect, the possibility of an Eric Avery return that would reunite the band's original lineup is something that's piqued the excitement for Jane's fans. See some of the reactions below.

Jane's Addiction will join Smashing Pumpkins on tour this fall. Get your tickets here.

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