Admit it, getting up and having to put pants on to leave the house, can be a total buzz kill. Even for weed. So I'd say we just hit the jackpot.

Starting today, and every Friday thereafter, you can get pot delivered to your door in the Grand Rapids area. Freddie's Joint, a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary in Clio, MI, is now expanding its service.

According to FOX 17, customers must have their orders placed at least a couple days ahead because they will only be in the area on Friday's.

This is also the only dispensary of its kind in the state that's offering home delivery at this scale. Clio is almost two hours away from G.R. so consider this a high-class service ;-)

Since the pandemic, a study from a couple months ago, found that Michigan is blazing it up at home more than any other state. No shame. Look at it this way, at least you know potheads are doing their due diligence by staying home and staying healthy. Well... the healthy part might be debatable, because munchies, duh.

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