While music strikes a chord with us all, the venues that host live music also give us plenty of special memories that last a lifetime. That's why Halestorm's Joe Hottinger and Lzzy Hale have spoken out to try to help save longtime Nashville music staple the Exit/In as it currently faces a challenge to continue during its 50th anniversary year.

According to a GoFundMe account launched for the venue, the Exit/In property has gone under contract to a firm that is purchasing independent venues and the club owners have asked the firm to sell them the property so they can continue to operate.

Halestorm's Joe Hottinger has shared some of his experiences with the Exit/In and why it's so special to him in an Instagram post that was also shared by vocalist Lzzy Hale.

His comments read, "The first time we ever played a show in Nashville was June 2009 and it was at the Exit-In. It was a co-headline bill with Cavo and Veer Union. I remember walking across the street to Rock Block guitars and geeking out over this Marshall 2061X head that was for sale on consignment from the great Audley Freed. I didn’t have the money to get it, so our sound guy, Rob Tauscher, bought it and I payed him back over the next few months. (I still have this head, I’ve used it on most of our albums)."

He continues, "When Lzzy and I moved to town the first show in our first week here was at the Exit/In. She got up onstage and sang with our friends in Adrenaline Mob. I think.... but I can’t remember, I think we ended up at Gold Rush that night. Probably."

Hottinger continues, "I’m sharing some memories because instead of turning this legendary venue into another hotel, let’s try and keep it around a bit longer. Follow the link in my bio and let’s SAVE THE EXIT/IN damnit." That link in bio leads to the GoFundMe account for the Exit / In.

The Exit/In venue has stood at 2208 Elliston Place as part of Nashville's "Rock Block" since 1971 and is an independent and family owned and operated music venue. It's played host to some of the biggest names not only in rock but of all genres of music, with a "Wall of Fame" of photos inside the building and a can't miss mural on the outside of the venue.


Sharing their desire to preserve the past and provide a home for live music in the future, the Exit/In is taking contributions with the hope of keeping the venue operating for years to come. As stated on the GoFundMe page, should their bid to have the owners sell them the property fail, all funds donated will be shifted to NIVA and MVAN, organizations that are currently helping to assist independent music venues across the country and in Nashville.

At press time, just over $151,000 of the $200,000 goal had been met. Contributions can be made here.

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