Grand Rapids Police are needing your help in a weird, real case.

GRPD posted on Facebook that they’re looking for a guy who "allegedly" slammed another customer’s head in a drink cooler in a downtown party store.  I know, it sounds like a Jason Statham movie, but the dude who’s the a-hole looks nothing like Jason Statham.

Apparently dude just walked in, saw a customer bent over looking inside the cooler and he slammed the door on the customers head. The customer's going to be fine and now police need your help finding the door slammer.   If you know who he is, message police on Facebook or call them at (616) 456-3400.

This is a real crime and I would be furious if my head got smashed in a cooler for real, so I’m not making light of the incident, but I do have to admit, I’m loving the comments; such as:

Never trust a man who has resting duck lips


He looks like he still talks about high school football.


He’s violating the law with those DAD jeans


How does a party store have better cameras that basically every bank surveillance photo I've ever seen...?


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