Fozzy's new album "Judas" comes out in the fall. From that, GRD debuted the title track wanting to hear what people think. Check out "Judas" for yourself and hear what people had to say about it!

About the new album, frontman Chris Jericho told the The Front Row Report

 "It's definitely the next step. It's an extension. It's more of an evolving Fozzy. We really put a lot of stock in bands like U2 and Guns N Roses and Metallica, and I think the best example might be David Bowie, where there's always different styles, different eras, and we like that too. And we're not completely changing what we do. But there's different more melodies and this is very much a hookier record. There's not as many guitar solos on the record, but it's still heavy and melodic. It's an evolution from 'Do You Wanna Start A War'  as much as 'Do You Wanna Start A War' was an evolution from 'Sin And Bones'  I think it's a great trilogy of records that shows a lot of growth, but it's still very heavy and very melodic. Like I said, the trilogy of records — from 'Sin And Bones' to 'Judas' — I think they're all very great records that have a little bit different elements to them all, which is a key to longevity for sure."

Here are some GRD listeners’ thoughts on "Judas”. What do you think of it? Check it out and take the poll below

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