Swedish rockers Avatar have released another single from their "Feathers and Flesh" album.

GRD played "New Land", wanting to hear what people think. Check out some thoughts and opinions, then listen to the song and let us know what you think!

"Feathers and Flesh", Avatar's sixth album, came out in May 2016.

In an interview with Johnnie Walker, they broke down the story of the album:

“With Feathers and Flesh, our latest album, it’s a concept album…it’s a fable, telling the story of this owl, who goes to war against the world to stop the sun from rising.”

Another character is the eagle, who is fighting to end the owl's reign.

Where does "New Land" fit into the story?

In talking with Metal Hammer, frontman Johannes Eckerström explained,

“This is the first time we see weakness exposed in the Owl. The Eagle threatens to eat her eggs, so she flies away from the forest to hide them far, far away, and in the lyrics, she swears to protect them no matter what – but it’s an empty promise because you cannot always protect your children from the world. You don’t have to fear a terrorist attack every morning on your way to school, but whether it happens or not is something totally beyond your control.”

Here are some GRD listeners’ thoughts on "New Land” What do you think of it? Check it out and take the poll below!

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