WOODTV reports that Grand Rapids Community College has announced that for the upcoming 2021 winter semester, they're hoping to make higher education easier to achieve during the pandemic by waiving fees for online courses. The move will save students around $50 for a three-credit class offered online.

The goal is to encourage students to continue their higher education, making it accessible and affordable, while also doing it safely from home, according to WOODTV. GRCC also says they'll work with students to make sure they have computers and wifi access, by loaning students laptops and internet hotspots if they need it to learn remotely.

Ann Isackson, GRCC Associate Dean of Enrollment told WOODTV,

“We’re trying to make higher education as accessible and affordable as we can right now. Because so many people are facing really difficult challenges right now and difficult decisions. We want to make sure that we can prepare them for what’s coming next.”

If you're interested in enrolling for the upcoming winter semester at GRCC, you still can for most classes online through next week.  The next semester will start on January 11th.

For students arriving back on campus, students will be required to wear face coverings and complete a health assessment which can be found on the GRCC website here or through the mobile app.

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