The kids don't stand a chance with Grandson's "Oh No!!!" It's the latest jolt from the rock-draped rhyme-sayer and the second tune to be released from his upcoming A Modern Tragedy Vol. 3, out Sept 13.

"I hope you enjoy the new chapter," the artist exhorted Wednesday (Sept. 4) as the song was shared on Spotify's Rock This playlist, which also wields what the streaming platform proclaims to be the "50 hottest new Rock songs you need to know." Listen to "Oh No!!!" toward the bottom of this post.

As Grandson further explained, it's "the second song off A Modern Tragedy Vol. 3 which is the last installment of the Modern Tragedy series that began a year ago it's a song about a man being unable to outrun his self destructive tendencies and the conditions in 2019 that lead to his breakdown both personally and societally."

He continued, "[M]uch of this project tackles this theme of wanting to be anesthetized, the struggle between running from versus confronting the issues we face."

The Modern Tragedy Vol. 3 EP was first previewed with last month's "Rock Bottom," the follow-up to Grandson's Rage Against the Machine cover from earlier this year. Prior to that, he regaled a festival audience with a song about female reproductive rights and backed the since-canceled Woodstock 50's rock-based lineup.

Grandson, "Oh No!!!" (Official Audio)

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