If you are a pickle lover like myself this is a must try!

The Salted Cupcake, a cupcake shop in Grand Rapids, has come up with an interesting new flavor... Pickle Cupcake! What does a pickle cupcake consist of? They showed a sample on their Facebook page and said that its made with vanilla pickle cake topped with pickle juice cream cheese frosting.

You may have a look of disgust on your face after reading that but you have to admit it's very intriguing; especially if you love pickles. As someone who has 5 different kinds of jars of pickles in her fridge, I very much am curious what this cupcake will taste like. I did scope some of the comments to see if anyone has tried it and two people gave it positive reviews:

I think this is the best cupcake I've had yet. It's not salty or bitter or too much dill, and it balances the sweetness perfectly. WELL DONE!

If you were thinking about trying this, do it! The pickle cupcake is awesome 😊

That's definitely promising. If nothing else, it'll be awesome for your social media likes and reactions LOL!

If you're thinking about stopping by The Salted Cupcake they're at 2481 32nd St SE.

Side note: if you're about anything and everything pickles. I just bought this popcorn from Trader Joe's... tastes just like a dill pickle so from one pickle lover to another... I approve!

Christine George/TSM
Christine George/TSM

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