Even if you don't love snow all winter, you love snow on Christmas, right?

The National Weather Service says there is a 58 percent chance that we'll have a white Christmas in Grand Rapids this year. They define white Christmas as at least one inch of snow on the ground.

A National Weather Service map utilizes the latest three-decade averages of temperature, precipitation, snowfall, heating/cooling days, frost/freeze dates and more from nearly 10,000 weather stations to estimate the odds.

Want to stay in Michigan but almost guarantee snow for Christmas? Visit Bergland Dam in the Upper Peninsula. They have Michigan's highest percentage chance of a white Christmas at 98 percent. That places it in the top 30 of the 10,000 weather stations across the country, not including those in Alaska.

A few other locations in the U.P. also top 95 percent.

Good luck with your white Christmas dreams.

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