We all can get a little cranky during quarantine... A Grand Rapids dad and his two daughters are sharing a positive message about getting along while we're staying home with a catchy song and music video.

Fox 17 reports that Zach Roth was talking with a friend about some of the challenges they are facing right now, and brainstorming ways to help their kids be kind to each other.

Zach, who's played in bands on and off his whole life, decided to get creative with his two daughters.

In just two days, they came up with the song "Be Nice to Your Brothers and Sisters" and recorded a music video.

Zach's daughters decided the name of their band should be "Star Family Rocks"-- and they do rock! Awesome job to Zach and his girls, and way to spread such a great message!

Zach told Fox 17,

“As parents, we can teach things to our kids over and over and sometimes it just needs an outside voice to hear the same thing or to sink in. So hopefully for parents as we're all isolated, this is another voice that can reinforce the message that you're already teaching."


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