Today on Segment 16, the guys talk about a local news story where a woman who had been ordered to attend a decision-making class made a really bad decision. She tried to escape from officers who were there to pick her up for other bad decisions she'd made, and so she climbed into the ceiling.

She didn't make it far, in case you're wondering.

She got about 15 feet before the suspended ceiling betrayed her, and she began to fall through. How she made it as far as she did on a suspended ceiling is crazy.

She's already scheduled for a larceny charge, and a drug possession charge, so it's not a surprise that she was ordered to take a decision-making class. She definitely needs to make better choices.

And what's with the witness? He wasn't worried, since apparently he "watches a lot of Jason Bourne movies". Whew! We thought he'd be freaking out.

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