Friday night, Amon Amarth stormed into Grand Rapids at the Intersection with Goatwhore. The place was packed early for Goatwhore, who didn't disappoint, getting the crowd crazed and ready for Amon Amarth!

I have to admit, I haven't ever gone to see Goatwhore before. I will also admit that I was sort of put off by their name. Not that I was afraid, just that I didn't think they were going to be a heavy band I would enjoy.

Holy crap, was I wrong.

These guys are great! If you like blackened death metal, which I do, these guy have a totally unique sound and style. There's thrash in there, some straight up metal, some black metal, some death metal, lots of cool grooves, and (dare I say) catchy riffing!

Yeah, for those who are faint of heart, there are "F****d by Satan" shirts for sale at merch, and being worn, but the band kicks a lot of ass. They reminded me to keep my mind open, even if you're not a huge fan of a band's name.

Enjoy the videos, and go see this band the next time they come through. It's a blast!

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