There are a lot of great shows coming to the GR area, and one I'm really looking forward to is the Iced Earth show on April 4th!  They're going to wreck The Intersection with another one of my favorite bands, Sabaton!  And the Uber-gorgeous Floor Jansen is on the bill with her band Revamp, too, so this will be an amazing, not-to-miss show!

If you don't know Iced Earth, they're a midwest band (mainman Jon Shaffer is from Indiana) that kicks serious ass!  I first started listening to them when they had just gotten the amazing Matthew Barlow in as their new vocalist, and re-recorded a bunch of old songs for their Days of Purgatory release and their first-new-album-with-Barlow Burnt Offeringsalbum.  Still one of my favorites.

They just released the album Plagues of Babylon, some of the songs continuing the Something Wicked storyline that has been going on since the Something Wicked This Way Comes album's trilogy at the end.  They've gotten a new singer, Stu Block, who is freaking amazing!  Check out the DVD Live in Ancient Kourion to see proof.

The second band on the bill is another on of my favorites, from Sweden, Sabaton!  These guys have great songs, interesting lyrics (all their songs are about historical events and battles) and they're really energetic live!  I saw them a few months ago in San Bernardino, opening for Iron Maiden.  Great band!  Make sure you get there early enough to see them!

Revamp is the band formed by ex-After Forever and new Nightwish singer, Floor Jansen.  She's tall, beautiful and can freaking SING!  What more do you need to know?

Get your ass out to this show, and let's have a beer and get blasted by some amazing metal!

See you there!