Why? Because they're delicious and everyone deserves to have Snackers. Plus, it's also World Bread Day.

Today (10/16) only you can get free snackers at Olga's Kitchen with any purchase to "celebrate the bread."

According to AnyDayGuide.com, World Bread Day is celebrated annually and "...is dedicated to a staple food that has been of important around the world since the dawn of agriculture." It's also on October 16th when the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) was created in 1945.

If you've eaten at Olga's then you know they've got some of the best bread you've tasted... from the pitas to the snackers. Plus, do you know where else you've ever gotten snackers before? Nowhere! So you might as well take advantage of those free crispy, soft, and seasoned goodness today.

Olga's has three locations in the West/SW Michigan area:

  • Grand Rapids (Woodland Mall)
  • Portage (Crossroads Mall)
  • Kalamazoo


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