This never happens! Good news for Thanksgiving travelers as gas prices are falling.
A record number of travelers are expected to hit the roads in Michigan this Thanksgiving and while we can't help with the relatives or the Detroit Lions but we can offer this Thanksgiving travel tip: wait to fill up your gas tank.

November 13, GasBuddy reported crude oil prices had moved lower for a record 12th day in a row and they expect prices at the pump to follow suit.

Today’s drop in oil prices will extend the decline in gas prices for perhaps several more weeks in nearly all states, at a time of year millions of Americans are preparing to hit the road. Most states could see a decline of 5-15 cents per gallon ahead of Thanksgiving, with more to come.

The good news continues:

The national average has already shed 24 cents per gallon in the last month alone with some states seeing even bigger monthly declines: Michigan is down 33 cents, while Delaware, Iowa, Indiana and Kentucky are all down 32 cents on average versus a month ago.

So, much like your mother told you not to fill up on snacks before the meal, don't fill up the gas tank yet for the Thanksgiving trip over the river and through the woods to grandmother's house.

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