When he’s not killing the Kardashians, Gary Holt is decimating Imagine Dragons. After watching Imagine Dragons perform at the College Football Playoff National Championship, Holt took to Instagram and typed out a beating, adding, “Imagine Dragons suck giant hairy monkey balls.”

Gary Holt is a master of brutality on guitar, shredding for Exodus since 1981 and Slayer since 2011. Holt has seen bands come and go, but he’s dubbed Imagine Dragons as the worst band he’s ever heard.

Just watched the college football half time show to see just how bad it really was. PLEASE no more calling this shittiest band on earth “ rock”, they are simply the crappiest excuse for a band I’ve ever heard. Uggggh. Just awful . I don’t usually enjoy slagging musicians but they can’t really call themselves that. So fuck em!!

Surprisingly, Holt didn’t slam Lil Wayne, who performed a new version of “Believer” with Imagine Dragons during the game’s halftime show. The remix of “Believer” was released as a single following their performance.

Imagine Dragons also jammed the tracks “Natural,” “Thunder” and “Bad Liar” before Lil Wayne made his appearance.

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