Video games and violence seem to be a match made in heaven (or hell...whatever works best.) Violent video games have been around since video games were even created. When most think of a violent video game today, they think headshots, guns, grenades, and maybe a chainsaw. We forget though, before we grabbed a gun in a video game, we grabbed 2x4's with rusty nails, lead pipes, and the good ol' fist! SPLATTERHOUSE!

What: Splatterhouse 2 is an extremely violent video game where you play as Rick Taylor. The 'Terror Mask' has returned and is coaxing Rick to return to the house to save his girlfriend Jennifer. Rick dons the mask once again!

Why: Before the ESRB started putting video game ratings on the boxes, this game hit the store shelves. Many thought Mortal Kombat was full of blood and gore (which it is, head de-caps and all!), but in Splatterhouse 2, you hit these demons so hard they 'splattered' on the wall and blood went EVERYWHERE! Rick's punch was so hard that their heads would just fly away! Add in disturbing imagery, an eerie soundtrack, and you have one gory game. This is the perfect Halloween game! Looks are great and all yes, but I will admit...the game does control like a tank. Rick jumps like he is on the moon and there is not much variety in movement, it's either left or right. The controls are awful! Just try it once, and you will see what I mean. Looks can be deceiving...

If you pick up the latest Splatterhouse game on PS3 or Xbox 360, the original games are included on disc! Nifty aye?