Fuel are back on the scene in 2021, currently hitting with the radio-ready rocker "Hard" ahead of their Anomaly album, and now we're getting the second song to arrive from the disc. Get a listen to Fuel's new song "Don't Say I" in the player below.

The track falls more in the mid-tempo range, perfectly framing singer John Corsale's heartfelt defense of the effort put into a relationship. Speaking with Stereogum, guitarist-songriter Carl Bell explained, "'Don’t Say I' was written in March. It was actually the last song written for the record. I’m always looking for the no-brainer song that everybody’s going to love, and those are always super hard to find. Anybody who’s a songwriter knows it’s not easy to come up with stuff that people [love]. I think the latest version of that was Olivia Rodrigo’s 'Driver’s License.' You heard that song the first time, and you just go, 'I don’t know why I love that song, but it’s so honest because she’s young.' And you want that song every time, though it’s super hard to find."

He continues, "I really like [“Don’t Say I”]. I think it’s a very strong song for us. I think it also helps bridge the gap between the previous material and the new material. You’ll be able to hear the old, traditional Fuel feelings that you had before with this song with a little modern twist to it as well. We’re really stoked about this song as well as the first song that came out. Basically, I’m really stoked about this whole record, to tell you the truth. I don’t usually feel so strongly about a record, but this one has turned out to be very well for us."

Check out the lyrics and listen to the track in full below. If you like what you hear, the song is available at this location. The song will appear on the Anomaly album, which is expected in October.

Fuel, "Don't Say I" Lyrics

Sorry the walls have come down
And you know your words, they're just more than the sounds
Stab and they cut like a knife
Damage so much

And if this is the end of it all
The final hurrah, and the last curtain call
Just know that I'd die for you hand
And lived for your touch

But don't say I, that I never tried for you
Don't say I, that I never loved you
If you want to go well then just walk away
But don't say those words that you know you can't say
Don't say I

Is this the best we could do
When we could have so had it all

Don't say those words that you know are untrue
Cause you know I gave every fiber for you
Tell me can you say, can you even say the same

Fuel, "Don't Say I"

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