The cast of Disney's "Frozen" better watch out.

First, police in Kentucky issued an arrest warrant for Snow Queen Elsa, and now "Aunt Boo" is threatening bodily harm to the whole cast of the cartoon.

The video starts out with a little girl singing "Let It Go" in the background as Aunt Boo stares into the camera.

According to the video, it's day 3 of no school. All day long the kid just keeps singing "Let It Go."

"All day Frozen. Elsa. What's the snowman's name? Olaf. What's the sister's name that froze everybody up in the beginning? Anna.  If I ever could choke some cartoon characters it'd be them. Kristoff, all of them I'd kill em if I could."


Other fed up parents, at their wits end with the weather and snow days, are sharing their support for Boo's position in comments on YouTube:

One mom writes:

Aunt Boo - this is so hysterical that my stomach hurts from laughing and tears are rolling down my face. I feel your pain and I'm so sorry for your pain but you have spread so much joy and laughter in the world. Thank you!!!!  OMG.


According to Aunt Boo, the struggle continues. She and her "Frozen" loving child are on snow day number 5.