Growing up during the 90's may have been boring when you were a kid, but as a "90's Adult," that decade was awesome! There were so many great things in popular culture that started in the 90's and are really hard to forget as an adult. I watch today's kid's shows and think, "What the hell am I watching?" Where is Mark Summers? Did Doug ever marry Patty Mayonnaise?  Do Reptar Bars actually exist? Can I still get Gak? I see Kenan, where's Kel? Is Stick Stickly a raging drug addict? Flashback back to Nick in the 90's!

As an adult in the 90's, grunge rock was awesome, you bought the first NOW cd (yes, you actually purchased music), Bill Clinton was gettin' laid, and MTV was actually good. As a kid though, you were amazed by Nick Jr, Nicktoons, Snick, Nick at Nite, and more. These were all associated with one TV network names Nickelodeon!

90's Nickelodeon was full of crazy cartoons and game shows for kids. Who could forget Mark Summers coaching kids through a large ear full of ear wax to grab a flag on Double Dare? Being a Wild N' Crazy Kid? Why those damn kids could not put the Silver Monkey together on Legends of the Hidden Temple (IT'S ONLY 3 PIECES!!!)? Being in a live video game on Nick Arcade? How about climbing the Aggro Crag on GUTS? Nick game shows were always a ton of fun to watch. Even though these games were fun, as kids, we wanted Nicktoons!

How many can you name from the 90's? Hey Arnold, AHH! Real Monsters!, Rocko's Modern Life, Rugrats, Doug, Angry Beavers, Ren and Stimpy. Yea they were all pretty cool. Try watching Rocko on NetFlix sometime, the amount of adult humor in that show is pretty intense. They even go to a Red Light district....things you don't notice as a kid.

Lastly, how about Nick-Coms (aka Nick Sitcoms)? Show that were meant for adolescents like All That!, Kenan and Kel, Roundhouse, Salute Your Shorts, Are You Afraid of the Dark? If you want to see what kids were wearing in the 90's, just watch an episode of one of these shows and prepare to say, "Man, their jeans are really hiked and their shoes light up." (Yea, shoes that had lights in them were pretty awesome. Honestly I have no clue why...)

One things that I always wanted to do was visit Nickelodeon Studio's in Orlando, FL. This place was like a castle for a 90's kid. It was opened in 1992 and sadly closed it's doors in 2005. I was never able to visit this fine studio because, well, I live in Michigan and Nick Studio's was in Flordia....can't just walk there. I finally visited Universal Studio's a couple years back and it was my childhood dream to check this place out...but it lacked Nickelodeon Studio's...but the building is still there. I checked out YouTube for some awesome nostalgia, and stumbled upon Urban Explorer "Adam The Woo." He broke into the old Nick Studio's and look what his findings are...

In the end, 90's Nickelodeon was the @$*! man. People today can quote hundreds of episodes they used to watch, and it was an age of animation that today is "too digital." It was that awesome. Maybe someday again, we will get slimed.