Nothing says happy St. Patrick's Day like sparks shooting out of your crotch on live television, right?

Wait, what?

On Tuesday on Chicago's WGN-TV, one of its reporters was doing a live broadcast from a St. Patrick's Day celebration in Chicago featuring a woman who seemed like she belonged in the circus.

The woman was Shana "Pussy Sparks" Vaughan-Gabor, co-producer of Cirque de la Femme. Her big skill was using a grinder against a piece of metal that was strapped to her crotch.

We are not really sure how that qualifies as a skill, but apparently it does.

As if watching Vaughan-Gabor use the grinder on herself standing up wasn't enough, she then flipped upside down in a chair, spread her legs and proceeded to really grind away at that thing, shooting sparks in the air.

And, perhaps, the most awkward part of this whole thing was there was a group of young schoolchildren in the background.

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